Racism is still a problem

 One of the most memorable skits from the show aired during its inaugural episode. Clearly, Dave Chappelle did not want to waste any time in his attempt to reach out to his audience. While he introduced Clayton Bigsby, a black white supremacist, through a slew of jokes involving the N word it was clear that he was trying to send a larger message to viewers. The sketch begins with a flashback to the way that life began for Clayton, In "The Wexler Home for the Blind." The people at Wexler thought life would be easier for Clayton if they told him he was white because that would make things easier for him.

After explaining how Clayton came to be, the sketch takes place in present day America, and Clayton is now an adult. Clayton still believes he is white, because no one wanted to tell him otherwise. The setting of the sketch alone shows that Dave wanted to try to get his audience to think about race, and the fact that he was blind plays a key role in the sketch.. The picture below is a perfect example. In it, Clayton is participating in a Ku Klux Klan rally and is the leader. He is blind, so it does not matter what color his skin is. However, before Clayton makes his speech, he is encouraged by a fellow KKK member, " Keep your mask on, Clayton. Once he takes off his hood and reveals his skin color to the audience though, the audience is horrified. One audience member dies because his head exploded when he realized that his branch of the Ku Klux Klan had been led by a blind black man. 

 Chappelle's message is simple, if society would not be so consumed with image and the way things look, maybe everyone would be better prepared to acknowledge, as well as discuss their feelings about race. Until we learn to acknowledge our own differences and laugh at ourselves we will not be able to objectively discuss these issues. Leave it up to the media to try to create controversy when Kanye West says something, or Jimmy Carter questions the role of racism in politics. Until each and every individual person is ready to step up and confront the issue, we can not hope for any social change.